Neck Aesthetics

Neck is the most important area that contributes to facial beauty and brings out the beauty of the face. A healthy neck with a healthy skin structure provides a younger and more attractive appearance. People want to live a happier life by treating the loosening and sagging that occur in the neck area in order to look young. Neck aesthetics make it possible to look younger and healthier.

How neck aesthetics is performed and why the plastic surgeon should be visited ?

Neck aesthetics should be decided after plastic surgeons’ examination. During the examination, plastic surgeons explain in detail the procedure and the appearance of the neck to the patient who will undergo the surgery. The most common method used for neck aesthetics is surgical operation. With the surgery, the neck area gets rid of excess fat, and the deformed muscles as well as the skin tightened, all of which contribute to a younger and an aesthetic neck appearance.

Neck aesthetic surgery

Excess fats in the neck are removed by liposuction method. Filling can be made for a smoother appearance and the skin is stretched and sagging is eliminated if necessary. After surgery, the patient may be discharged on the same day depending on his/her condition or be admitted for observation and control.

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